Damp Proof Membrane

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Damp Proof Membrane

The importance of us identifying and treating damp floors as well as correct installation of moisture control during new construction is critical to the longevity of your floor.

Should damp floors be left untreated, it can cause a serious degradation in the appearance, performance and life-span of your floor. The floor covering will act as a barrier, trapping the moisture beneath it. This can cause adhesives to de-bond, vinyl coverings to blister and also may promote the growth of bacteria, a problem especially within Education and Healthcare. This can also be very damaging to a business if it has to be temporary shut down due to an unsafe or un practical floor.

You can be assured that DCS Flooring will carry out the necessary steps below to ensure the correct moisture measurement and Control.

Step 1:
Undertake an initial test for the presence of moisture in the subfloor using a F.Ball digital hygrometer meter. If moisture is present, investigate further.

Step 2:
Confirm and accurately measure the moisture levels present using a Digital Hygrometer. If the relative humidity is below 75% it is safe to proceed with the installation. If above 75% RH go to step 3

Step 3:
If relative humidity is above 75%, treatment is required. We will then identify what damp proof membrane is required.

F.Ball Digital Hygrometer Leicester.

DCS Flooring and damp proof membrane in Leicestershire

Following these 3 steps you can be assured that DCS Flooring will leave you with a floor that will last and perform as it should.

DCS Flooring will come to your place of business with our ‘shop at home service’ after your initial contact with us, we will offer our services and we will do a full inspection of the floor areas identifying any potential problems.

Our clients can be assured that we will identify any potential problems with the sub floor and we will always find a cost effective solution.

We offer a free damp test with all installations.

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