Carpet on walls and ceilings

Carpet on walls and ceilings

DCS Flooring are one of the leading commercial flooring companies in Leicestershire because we love a challenge and we never fail to complete to the highest standards.

Why would you have carpet on walls and ceilings?

At DCS Flooring we recently had a request from Ashdown Band in Leicestershire to install carpet on the wall, floor and ceiling of their music studio.

This was the first time that we had done anything like this so the fitters were quite excited about the install.

Ashdown Band wanted the carpet to match the material on their speakers, we found a match very easy and once we had installed the carpet the room almost looked like a big boom box.

DCS Commercial flooring also fit carpet on walls and ceilings.

Would carpet on walls and ceilings create soundproofing?

To a certain degree the carpet would create some kind of sound proofing but this wasn’t the aim, the aim of the project was for aesthetic purposes only.

If you go into any room that is bare of carpet, wallpaper and curtains it will always have an echo, once you start to put carpet and curtains into the room this echo will disappear. By installing carpet on the floor, walls and ceiling there was no chance of any kind of echo in the room, this is vital when the room is a recording studio.

If you require any commercial flooring in the East Midlands please call 0116 2395847 where one of the team will be waiting to assist you.

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